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DigiMaster X- Roger

Are you unhappy with the existing ‘soundfield’ or room amplification system in your school, business or house of worship? Do your listeners struggle to understand all the amplified speech? Does your system lack a wireless microphone? Is it difficult for people to use or does it create nasty feedback sounds?

Datasheet-Roger-DigiMaster-5000-EN.pdf Datasheet-Roger-DigiMaster-5000-EN.pdf (932kB)

Roger™ MyLink Receiver

Roger MyLink is an easy-to-use and affordable Roger receiver suitable for use with any hearing aid featuring a T-Coil (from Phonak or any other manufacturer). Roger MyLink is compatible with most Roger wireless microphones.


Datasheet_Roger_MyLink.pdf Datasheet_Roger_MyLink.pdf (828kB)

DigiMaster 5000 / 7000 - Roger

For regular sized classrooms, Phonak’s DigiMaster 5000 system fits the bill perfectly.



Datasheet-Roger-DigiMaster-5000-EN.pdf Datasheet-Roger-DigiMaster-5000-EN.pdf (932kB)


inspiro - Roger

inspiro is Phonak’s award-winning wireless Dynamic FM transmitter and is already used in tens of thousands of buildings around the world.



Datasheet_Roger_inspiro.pdf Datasheet_Roger_inspiro.pdf (903kB)

Charging Suitcase

Store, transport and charge Phonak FM systems.  Phonak’s FM Charging Suitcase is the ideal accessory for storing, transporting and charging Phonak wireless FM products in public places. The suitcase can hold 10 MyLink universal FM receivers, 10 headsets and two portable Phonak FM or Dynamic FM transmitters of any type.



RogerTM BaseStation 

The RogerTM BaseStation transmitter, delivers high quality speech signals to the wireless RogerTM Earpiece. Using Phonaks new digital standard at 2,4MHz and fully automatic frequency hopping technology ensures that the signal is transferred to the in-ear receiver in unrivalled sound quality. 

Roger™ Multimedia Hub

Can be connected to any multi-media device used in a classroom or used as a standalone media transmitter by an individual student listening to an audiobook.




datasheet_phonak_roger_multimedia_hub.pdf datasheet_phonak_roger_multimedia_hub.pdf (63kB)


WallPilot- Roger

This wall-mounted device, positioned next to the door, automatically connects students’ Roger receivers to the room’s existing Roger network the moment they step into the room. Teachers can connect their microphones too, simply by switching these on close to the Roger WallPilot.




Roger Pen

Roger Pen is a cutting-edge wireless microphone that enables people with hearing loss to hear and understand more speech in loud noise and over distance.

Built on game-changing Roger technology, this fully automated solution is proven to perform better than any wireless microphone in the industry. It can be used as a standalone microphone or alongside other Roger Pens or the Roger Clip-On Mic. It also features Bluetooth for cell phone calling, and can also be used to listen to TV and multimedia.


Datasheet_Roger_Pen_V1.pdf Datasheet_Roger_Pen_V1.pdf (773kB)

Roger Touchscreen Mic

This exciting and easy to use wireless teacher microphone is the core component of the Roger for Education portfolio and gives students and teachers alike the opportunity to master various modern classroom activities with ease.



datasheet_phonak_roger_touchscreen_mic.pdf datasheet_phonak_roger_touchscreen_mic.pdf (86kB)

Roger™ Pass-around

Student microphone that can be passed from one student to another, allowing the child with a hearing loss to hear not only the teacher but also classmate comments.



datasheet_phonak_roger_pass-around-1.pdf datasheet_phonak_roger_pass-around-1.pdf (77kB)

Roger™ Table Mic

Focus on work rather than on hearing.




datasheet-roger-table-mic.pdf datasheet-roger-table-mic.pdf (306kB)

Roger™ Charging Rack

This small and lightweight accessory allows up to 4 devices to be charged simultaneously.




Roger™ Clip-On Mic

The most powerful Roger partner microphone for conversations in difficult listening situations and over distance.




Datasheet_Roger_Clip_On_Mic.pdf Datasheet_Roger_Clip_On_Mic.pdf (370kB)


inspiro - Roger

inspiro is Phonak’s award-winning wireless Dynamic FM transmitter and is already used in tens of thousands of buildings around the world.

Click here to download the brochure.



Datasheet_Roger_inspiro.pdf Datasheet_Roger_inspiro.pdf (903kB)

Phonak DECT

The cordless phone that automatically transmits calls to your hearing aids.



Roger™ Focus

Improves learning by helping your child focus on the most important information.