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  • The Basic Roger™ Soundfield Kit includes a soundfield speaker plus teacher (touchscreen) microphone. 1 x Roger Touchscreen Microphone 1 x Roger Digimaster 5000 Soundfield Power supply and wall mount. Recommended Applications
    • Classrooms
    • Meeting / Training Rooms
    Range 10+ metres   Soundfield compliantInclusive Speaker Plug N Play Compliant *GST Free Medical Device  
  • Our Learning Assistance Package includes the Basic Roger Soundfield kit plus 1 x Roger Pass-around Microphone 1 x Roger Media Hub 1 x Roger Charging Rack 1 x Perspex Box Power supply and tripod stand. Range 10+ metres Recommended Applications:
    • Classrooms
    • Meeting / Training Rooms
    Soundfield compliantInclusive Speaker Plug N Play Compliant * GST Free Medical Supply
  • Our DigiMaster 7000 Hall Soundfield Starter Kit is a fully contained Soundfield Starter Kit with teacher microphone which simultaneously transmits to hearing impaired children’s roger receivers & hearing aids with MyLinks connected to enabled Telecoils. The Soundfield speaker is a specialised hearing solution that dynamically adjusts sound to improve the learning environment for all listeners. Soundfield speakers specifically improve the listeners understanding of speech by providing an even distribution of sound between the teacher, the students and any multimedia equipment. Sensors within the DigiMaster Soundfield dynamically detect the rooms sound and adjust the acoustics to an optimal level. The volume automatically adjusts to:
    • Minimise reverberation,
    • Improve sound to noise ratios,
    • Improved sentence recognition ability
    • Increased attention, interaction and participation
    • Quicker acquisition of reading, writing & numeracy skills
    • Reduced teacher vocal strain
    • Improved classroom management
    • Direct hearing aid connectivity
    Soundfield compliantInclusive Speaker Plug N Play Compliant If you require a solution for a new building that is BCC D3.7 compliant please contact us for confirmation
  • The Roger™ Touchscreen is a central component of most Roger solutions, as it is compatible with a broad range of products and it brings together a combination of best practice functions. This easy to use microphone transmits the speaker's voice and audio feeds, whilst reducing background noise, to the Soundfield speakers and directly to hearing impaired children’s roger receivers & hearing aids with MyLinks connected to enabled Telecoils.
    • 3 intuitive directional microphones,
    • 3.5mm audio input,
    • Secure & private system,
    • 2.4Ghz wireless transmission,
    • 20 meters + range.
    Soundfield compliantPlug N Play CompliantHearing Aid Compatible *GST Free Medical Device
  • A Cross-the-Counter System is a hearing augmentation system that typically consists of a microphone and an amplifier / transmitter attached to a desk or small area. The amplifier  transmits the speaker's voice or audio feed in a short range signal that can be picked up by a telecoil enabled hearing aid, cochlear implant (CI) processors, and specialized hand‐held hearing loop receivers for individuals without telecoil compatible hearing aids. The Cross-the-Counter system is an affordable solution for those wanting to improve public accessibility options. * CTC Systems are typically not compliant to building code D3.7 as they do not meet coverage requirements.  Recommended Applications: 
    • Reception desks
    • Customer service counters
    • Ticket booths
    • Banking
    • Libraries
    Hearing Aid Compatible Plug N Play Compliant *GST Free Medical Device  
  • The ability to reduce background noise, and get a clear sound from the teacher’s voice is of particular value to those with a variety of conditions including:
    • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
    • Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    • Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
    Roger Focus is an easy‐to‐use personal hearing aid style device that sends the speaker’s voice directly into the wearer’s ear/s whilst reducing background noise and distraction by emphasizing voice-specific frequencies. This approach cuts out distracting noise, like nearby conversations or ambient noise, allowing clearer and more comfortable understanding of speech. Our sensory packages are designed for personal use and to complement classroom practices, ideally in combination with a Roger Soundfield. Our solution combines the Roger Focus with a Roger Touchscreen. Note: A Roger Focus is NOT a Hearing Aid and will not work by itself.  The Education Auditory Package (recommended) is compatible with a Roger Soundfield which is commonly used in Australian Classrooms. We recommend using the Roger Focus with the support of an Occupational Therapist and / or Audiologist.
  • This Hall Hearing Augmentation Package provides voice and audio direct to hearing aids, Roger receivers and a range of other devices. Key Features:
    • no interference issues,
    • automatic connection,
    • compatible with most existing PA systems (adaptors may be required),
    • easy to use,
    • wireless,
    • expandable with unlimited repeaters
  • This wall‐mounted device automatically connects Roger™ Receivers & MyLinks to the room’s hearing augmentation network. Roger enables people with hearing difficulties to hear and understand better than ever before. The Touchscreen transmits clear, quality sound from the PA system to the hearing impaired, via their T‐switch or Roger Receiver. This portable, flexible solution can be used as a stand alone augmentation device or connected to the PA thus providing a comprehensive solution.

    Recommended Applications:

    • School Halls
    • Sporting Venues
    • Aged Care
    • Churches
    • Council & Community Centres
    • Small & Large Commercial Venues
    Hearing Aid CompatibleSoundfield compliant Plug N Play Compliant *GST Free Medical Device
  • Braille tactile hearing augmentation sign - Roger Hearing System Installed, ask for T-Switch Receiver at Reception.  Recommended or required where Roger hearing systems are installed. Colour scheme: Silver & Blue Dimensions: 270mm x 180mm We supply superior Braille tactile signage which is proudly Australian made.  These quality products ensure that signage compliance is maintained well into the future. These polycarbonate signs feature the most advanced, fully encapsulated, continuous surface Braille and tactile technology which ensures that the Braille dots and text or symbols cannot be pulled off by vandals or compromised by cleaning products after installation.  All colours are applied to the reverse of a clear polycarbonate membrane, encapsulating them behind the product so no images can be cleaned or scratched off. Our Braille tactile signs are designed to comply with Australian standard and Codes including:
    • BCA 2011 Volume One Section D 3.6 of the Building Code of Australia
    • Australian Standards 1428.1-2009 and Amendment No 1 2010
    • Disability (Access to Premises-Buildings) Standards 2010
    See Support Documentation below for installation guide. Signs with alternative text and/or colour schemes are available upon request. Please contact us with your requirements.
  • Hearing Augmentation that provides clear, quality voice and audio feeds direct to T‐Switch enabled hearing aids, Roger receivers and a range of other devices. The portable system is an expandable comprehensive solution that is easy to use and completely wireless. Both packages are NCC/BCA D3.7 compliant, subject to signage, quantity of receivers & range requirements.
  • This Portable Hearing Augmentation Package provides voice and audio direct to hearing aids, Roger receivers and a range of other devices. The Roger Portable Hearing Augmentation Package is a perfect solution in a range of applications. Recommended Applications
    • Flexible Learning Spaces
    • Events & Conferences
    • Meeting Rooms
    • Small Business
    Key Features:
    • expandable,
    • easy to use,
    • wireless,
    • 8 hours battery life
    The Portable Roger Package is NCC/BCA D3.7 compliant, subject to signage, quantity of receivers & range requirements.