DigiMaster 7000 Hall Soundfield Starter Kit (Wall Mount)

AUD $4,000.00

Our DigiMaster 7000 Hall Soundfield Starter Kit is a fully contained Soundfield Starter Kit with microphone which simultaneously transmits to hearing impaired children’s Roger™ receivers & hearing aids with MyLinks connected to enabled Telecoils.

1 x Roger Touchscreen Mic
2 x Roger DigiMaster 7000 Soundfield Speakers **

** comes with power supply and wall mounts.

Recommended Applications:

  • Large Rooms
  • Halls
  • Gym and Sports Centres

* GST Free Medical Supply

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.

Buying 5 or more? Contact us for bulk pricing

Need a BCA D3.7 compliant solution? Contact us before placing an order


The Soundfield speaker is a specialised hearing solution that dynamically adjusts sound to improve the learning environment for all listeners. Soundfield speakers specifically improve the listeners understanding of speech by providing an even distribution of sound between the teacher, the students and any multimedia equipment.

Sensors within the DigiMaster Soundfield dynamically detect the rooms sound and adjust the acoustics to an optimal level. The volume automatically adjusts to:

  • Minimise reverberation,
  • Improve sound to noise ratios,
  • Improved sentence recognition ability
  • Increased attention, interaction and participation
  • Quicker acquisition of reading, writing & numeracy skills
  • Reduced teacher vocal strain
  • Improved classroom management
  • Direct hearing aid connectivity

Range 20+ metres, with additional range by adding a Roger™ Repeater or additional Soundfield Speakers

Audio Input

  • In-built Directional Microphone
  • 3.5 Stereo Audio In (compatible with most Public Address (PA’s) systems with the use of simple adaptors)

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