Digimaster 7000 Soundfield Speaker

The Soundfield speaker is a specialised hearing solution that dynamically adjusts sound to improve the learning environment for all listeners. Soundfield speakers specifically improve the listeners understanding of speech by providing an even distribution of sound between the teacher, the students and any multimedia equipment.

Sensors within the DigiMaster Soundfield dynamically detect the rooms sound and adjust the acoustics to an optimal level. The volume automatically adjusts to:

  • Minimise reverberation,
  • Improve sound to noise ratios,
  • Improved sentence recognition ability
  • Increased attention, interaction and participation
  • Quicker acquisition of reading, writing & numeracy skills
  • Reduced teacher vocal strain
  • Improved classroom management
  • Direct hearing aid connectivity

Recommended Applications:

  • Large / Open Classrooms
  • Halls
  • Conference Rooms

Soundfield compliantInclusive Speaker

Plug N Play Compliant


The Digimaster 7000 Soundfield speaker is a specialised hearing solution to cover larger areas. Multiple Digimaster 7000 Soundfield Speakers dynamically adjusts sound to improve the listening environment for all listeners.

One Roger Touchscreen Transmitter can be connected to multiple Digimaster 7000 Soundfield Speakers to extend coverage.

Audio Input

Soundfield Speakers come with:

Support Documents

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