Roger™ Neckloop

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An easy to use personal receiver, suitable for use with any hearing aid featuring a TeleCoil. Roger Neckloop 02’s are lightweight and can be discreetly worn under clothing. Roger™ Neckloop is a universal induction neckloop receiver that brings industry-leading speech-in-noise performance to any person with hearing loss.

Roger NeckLoop can be connected to a compatible computer or smart device with USB cable to listen to, or record audio transmitted from a Roger microphone, enabling live captioning of the speakers voice.

Recommended Applications:

All Class 9B Buildings are required to have a minimum number of receivers for compliance.

Neckloop Receivers are required for BCA D3.7 Compliance. The quantity required to cover adults is determined by the BCC. Children are not required to be covered as they are issued their own personal receivers.

If more than four Neckloops are in use, we recommend a Charging Rack with Adaptors is used for charging and storage.

Plug N Play Compliant Hearing Aid CompatibleCompliance Certification

*GST Free Medical Device

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.

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Roger™ Neckloop is an universal induction neckloop receiver that brings industry-leading speech and quality sound to any person with hearing loss.

Neckloop 02 Receivers are compatible with all Roger microphones and transmitters including:

BCA D3.7 required Neckloop Receivers and Headphones to be available for adults with Hearing Impairment. The quantity of receivers required to cover Adults varies with the number of adults in the space. Children are usually issued personal receivers by Australian Hearing (Hearing Australia) and do not require Neckloop Receivers.

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